Through a combination of planning, luck and experimentation I am on the path to financial independence.  Follow my 5 year journey to be free and finally escape the valley!

We live in Silicon Valley with our two boys 5 & 7. I work at a middle management role in technology

If you want to see all the details, check out the much longer version of “How I reached Pretirement at 39“.


So what kind of stuff will you find?

  • Personal Finance
  • Financial Independence
  • Real Estate
  • Crypto Currency
  • Life Hacks
  • Cool technologies that save time or money

What is different about Escape the Valley?

After reading a lot of personal finance bloggers, most have already completed their respective journeys to financial independence. Escape the Valley is for those still climbing the mountain.

I work in Silicon Valley in technology and want to share how others living here or in other high cost areas can reach financial independence without being part of an IPO, moving to a low cost area. It is absolutely achievable here too!


Why Escape the Valley?

Silicon Valley has a huge amount of opportunity but is also a competitive pressure cooker of stress and ever rising costs. Escape the valley is about the journeys we all take to reach the peak of personal and financial freedom.

I hope that by sharing some of my experience I can benefit you whether you are just hatching your escape plan or have reached your own personal peak already.